Assurance Services

Assurance Services

The Jumeria international is a renowned name in the global market in the field of all types of financial and auditing services. We provide exceptional assurance services to our clients from the international countries. Our professional staff is experienced and they have in-depth knowledge about this field. We have dedicated teams for different areas in order to ensure that each area is properly taken care of. We provide the assurance services in:

Due Diligence

After significant appraisal and review from parties to merger, or acquisition the due diligence takes place wherein the legal and confidential financial information are exchanged. Before the company enters into an agreement or a transaction with another party, the company needs to take certain precautions and ensure that all the financial records and the confidential information is reviewed in a professional manner. So a professional intervention is required in order to ensure that business takes place in a smooth manner.

Business valuation

The support for the corporate transactions and accounting requirement has increased a lot with the growing business trends. However, with this the issues of justifying the value of the business and the assets have also become complex. The business valuation services provided by us will ensure that this process takes place in a smooth manner.

Fraud and forensic investigation

When you avoid any kind of fraud in your business or you notice anything dodgy then you need to immediately act upon stopping it, and this is vital because you do not want to problem to go beyond your control and solve the issue before it goes out of hand.

Business restructure

If you are facing problems with your business and the lack of streamlining processes and structure is affecting your growth then you surely need to re look into what you can do to make it better. Our professional help in this regard will surely help to gain insight and restructure your business in a way that can bring benefits to you.

Liquidation services

Liquidation process is a very complicated one and every business needs a professional intervention. We provide you just the exact services needed for the LLC, offshore companies, free zone companies and various entities. We take care of all the documentations and the legal documents completion process. We ensure that this process is handled in a streamlined way and our approach is to take one step at a time.

Why select us?

We are operating in this field from the year 2000 and have good amount of experience with providing our clients with the assurance services. Our professionals are hired from different specialty backgrounds and so for every area we have a separate team that handled the issues in a way that will only bring results to your business. We provide you with the services that are tailored according to your needs, and for this we take care to understand all your process in a clear way. We have a wide range of clients in the US, UK and the European countries. Our international exposure and comprehensive solutions will prove to be beneficial in all the assurance services for your business.s

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