Audit Services

Audit Services

Global business platform is being continuously redefined by transactional events and industrial trends. This means that financial and reporting environment too, must be reshaped, resulting in significant challenges for the board, management, audit committees and the auditors. Jumeira Consultants can help you understand and address these dynamic financial and reporting issues and keep pace with the changing trends. We offer a complete range of audit assurance and accounting services to meet the varied needs of your business. We are a registered accountancy firm under the Ministry of Commerce, UAE that enables us to carry out audits under the Commercial Company Law and under regulatory requirements. Our audit and assurance services include:-

  • Internal Audit
  • External Audit
  • System Study, and
  • Information Technology Audit

Our Service Philosophy

Our belief that audit and assurance services are more “profit centric” rather than “cost centric” has been endorsed by our clients, clearly evident from our years of association with them. At Jumeira Consultants, we believe that audit and assurance are pivotal tools available to all stakeholders including the management to furnish greater assurance of information and deep understanding of the company’s business affairs.

We strive hard to raise the expectation bar from our audit services and ensure continuous value addition for our client’s business. In addition to ensuring and certifying statutory compliances and reporting on the financial statements, we offer expert opinions and insights into a variety of professional areas such as legal interpretations, internal controls, policies and processes, risk management and much more.

Our team of experienced and qualified professionals has the prowess to meticulously examine the company’s records while keeping the bigger picture in mind. Our uniqueness lies in our ability to comprehend our client’s business drivers and requirements and focus on the core risk areas. Through robust audit tools, procedures and resources, Jumeira delivers high quality audit services, adhering to highest standards of ethics, professional objectivity and independence while applying technical excellence.

Understanding Our Client’s Business

At Jumeira Consultants, we assemble a team that specializes in our client’s industry. Our client service team meets with our client’s operational and financial managers and designs a detailed picture of the company’s’ business objectives and core functional areas. We work closely with our clients to identify the high-risk areas in each of these operational areas and outline a constructive strategy to control the business risks involved and identified. We communicate regularly with our client’s management team and provide information in a way that can be used by them to make effective business decisions. Our team of talented chartered accountants strives to provide the highest level of business accounting, financial consulting and audit assurance services to our clients.

Client service standards

  • Know our client
  • Understand our client’s expectations
  • Prepare a detailed service plan
  • Execute the service plan
  • Establish effective & efficient communication channels
  • Provide insights and meaningful business related suggestions
  • Concurrence on critical issues and thorough assessments
  • Offer value for money services

To gain a better insight of our Audit and Assurance Services, call us on +971 4 3277 201 or leave a message. Our executives will get in touch with you!

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