Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

We can undertake accounting and bookkeeping services and prepare management accounts in any format under any timeline and as frequently as you require. Our experienced team can prepare the accounts accurately on a timely basis as per the statutory requirements. Our value is that we assist with the interpretation of the accounts to help you make the best business decisions. Our auditing and assurance services are focused to enhance the standards of the corporate processes.

Companies today operate in a volatile environment. Changes in terms of markets and technology create opportunities and risks, both internal and external. Successful entrepreneurs seize the opportunities whilst mitigating major risk.

Our internal audit team offers a dedicated commercial approach to help you control and improve your business. Independent audit assurance from us is sure to enhance your business and its reputation with existing customers, potential new investors and providers of finance

Our independence enables us to stand back and provide impartial advice. At the same time we hope to become a valuable part of your team, providing constructive and commercial input.

Our business process outsourcing services are likely to include:

  • Risk assessment
  • Reviews of the general control environment including organizational structure.
  • System based audits covering financial/and operational matters
  • Computer Audit and Security reviews
  • Advice on policies and procedures and their implementation
  • Review of master plans

Our aim is to provide internal audit, risk management and audit assurance services of the highest quality to meet your corporate governance needs – whatever the nature of your organization. Apart from these, we are experienced in providing quality BPO services and our work is based upon our own in-house internal audit manual and utilizes computerized documents and tools in order to maximize efficiency.

Fraud Investigation:

One aspect of our audit services is to ensure that appropriate system are in effect to mitigate the risk of material frauds and to ensure that early warning systems are in place. Where fraud is suspected, it may be necessary to carry out an in-depth investigation. Our forensic accounting team has wide experience in fraud investigations thereby ensuring excellent professional services with absolute perfection.

Our audit quality assurance services and business process outsourcing services are devised and implemented in such away that the clients are extensively benefited and their core competencies are enhanced.

Accounting and Book Keeping:

In this highly competitive environment your level of success can hugely depend on the high quality of consumer support and solid accounting. When you outsource this process of business, then you are also in a way ensuring that you reduce your administrative burden the costs involved in your organization to manage the staff. This is also one of the main reasons why most of the business houses from around the globe are delegating or outsourcing the accounting and book keeping services. Once the company outsources their accounting and book keeping services to us, then they can focus on their developing business and the core area that needs attention.

At Jumeira international we have team of professionals that spend time with you to clearly understand your requirements of accounting and book keeping and then suggest, plan and execute an efficient plan that helps you to manage and take care of the key areas of your business. This process helps you to cut down cost on the expenses on the areas that are not necessarily important for your business to handle and increase profit in this way. Our services are tailored according to the needs of our International clients from across the globe, and they are:

  • Onsite and online accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Training for the system setup for accounting and this includes documentation procedure, charts of accounts and so on.
  • We help in closing of books for accounts
  • Dedicated staff for budgeting and forecasting
  • MIS reports preparation

In order to take care of your specific accounts needs, our team first tries to first understand the working of your business and also your business goals, and then tailors the solutions accordingly. We provide effective solutions and also important information that is vital for the growth of your business. Our services are legally compliant and we follow all the regulations that are set up by the law.

We have been in this field from many years and from our experience we have helped many companies to successfully build up their business. We highly look up at our work and the strong relationship we have established with our international clientele. Our professionals working at the Jumeira International work hard to deliver all the accurate data on time to our clients so that their main focus could be on the development of the core area of their business. Most of our clients are based in the United States, United Kingdom, and the European countries. We provide global services and have strong connection with the local authorities across the globe.

Accounting and book keeping services are essential part of a business, but it also needs accurate handling and exact and timely data reports are needed for a business to grow. Our goal is to provide solutions that will make the work of our clients easy and profitable without many hassles. We have the needed skills and expertise to help you with all your requirements. So just get in touch with us for timely and accurate accounting and book keeping services.

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