Booming Business Opportunities in Dubai

Booming Business Opportunities in Dubai

Excellent business opportunities in UAE make it the biggest business hub with its commercial capital; Dubai offers easy access to 1.5 billion consumer markets in Europe, Western Asia, Africa, CIS countries along with many neighboring Middle East countries. Due to the favorable economy and job opportunities, UAE and Qatar are the countries liked by most people.

Running a business is not possible for everyone. If you lack the spirit and interest to run a business then there are fewer chances for you to succeed whether you are setting up in Dubai, Qatar or Saudi Arabia. Dubai is one of the preferable destinations for businessmen and investors. The government policies are such that they support the growth of small business and also the large company setup.  The business opportunity in Dubai is not only open for its own Middle East people but it is also open to foreign investors. Because of the presence of free trade zones in Dubai, commerce and trade is at its climax. Large number of people visit from far off places and shop in Dubai because they tend to get the goods at a cheaper rate.

Business setup in UAE is simple and straightforward. The favorable business incorporation laws and regulations in UAE have further led to the expansion of business opportunities in UAE. The progressive government policies encourage foreign investors to invest in the oil-rich country. The incentives are granted to the investors and the government has simplified the procedures for new business setup in Dubai. Particularly, Dubai is more productive for businessmen because of the minimum taxation. The three sectors assessed in taxation are: Tobacco processing, oil and banking.

The topmost business opportunities in Dubai are as follows:

  • Construction: Each day, new buildings are built in Dubai and this opens up an opportunity for engineers and the professionals the construction sector. Investors can set up business that sell or make raw material used in construction.
  • Oil and Gas: This is the foundation of country’s economy since last so many years. The oil sector can still accommodate new investors. The interested entrepreneurs can easily setup their business from scratch or in partnership with the existing businessmen.
  • Business Franchise: It’s a new concept in Dubai and is working well since last few years because of the huge population and mixed preferences of people living there. Getting a business franchise in the fast food industry is easy as it is the fastest growing industries in Dubai.
  • Trading: Traders from different countries usually meet in Dubai to exchange goods and services. Trading is the main source of income for most people. Any marketable product: plastic goods, vehicles, fashion accessories, dry fruits, textiles can be actually exported or imported.
  • Jewelry making: Dubai is known as Mecca of Gold and Dubai diamonds are also very famous. You can setup a shop as a bead maker, jewelry maker or jewelry merchant.
  • Job agencies: Job agencies for the skilled laborers are one of the hottest business opportunities in Dubai.  Many skilled people are required to keep the industries running in various sectors. Nurses, engineers, construction personnel, IT professionals are in high demand in this country.
  • Childcare facilities: Majority of Dubai’s population are working class professionals. Childcare facilities are required when a couple is a working professional. You may consider this one as well.
  • Tourism: Dubai has become one of the most preferred destinations for vacations. UAE hosts thousands of visitors every year which ultimately opens a huge opportunity for tourism industry.
  • Healthcare: Due to health conscious nature of the people, there is an increase in the demand for healthcare services and its providers. Dubai is the best place to setup a private business by healthcare professionals.

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