Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management

For an organization or a business to function smoothly, it is important for them to have a proper management. In the business continuity management, the development of the plans, strategies, actions, and other process that provide a strong protection to the Business. This proper development and management ensures that there are no losses to the enterprise.

There are three core elements of business continuity management:

  • The first and foremost is the crisis management. This process is designed with a view to give a quick response to any event. The main focus is to stabilize the situation and prepare for the recovery options for the business.
  • Business recovery planning is the next in line. This process involves the recovery of critical functions of a business that are related to or support to the core services or products given to the customers.
  • IT disaster recovery, as the name suggests takes care of recovery of critical IT assets like database, applications, systems, and other vital elements related to the Information Technology of a business.

Do you have a business continuity management in place? Have you taken out time and standardized your business continuity management strategy? If no, then it is a perfect time for you to get this aspect of business sorted. In the past the business used to suffer losses in the forms of burglary, fire and accidental damages. However, now the situation has changed a lot. Now the businesses have their data stored on the computers, and most of the information on the company computers is confidential. Leakage of data or stolen data is a huge threat for a business. It is vital for the business organization to take out time and plan a strategy to prevent this from happening to their business.

Planning BCM strategy

 While planning the strategy of BCM, you need to make sure that all your business units and functions are covered. Our consultants are certified on the BCMS (ISO 22301) and so we assure you of one of the best services. The strategy we will help you with is:

Business continuity management structure: With this in place, your business programs are managed on a continuous basis.  The sponsor from within the management is included in this structure.

Identifying potential areas of risk: While planning the strategy, this is the area that plays an important role. Once the potential risk is identified, then putting proper processes for the risk management will prove to be cost efficient because then the chances of failure lessens.

Business Impact analysis: In this process, all units are closely monitored. This plays a crucial role in order to identify the level of planning required by each unit.

Effective strategies developed: By considering the altering necessities of a business, the strategies should be reviewed and developed. These can be put into place when the business considers the requirements that are put in place by the business impact analysis.


The continuity plans: The continuity plans need to be regularly developed documented and designed, in order to make sure that the strategies are regularly applied.


In order to make sure that your business is safer in the market, contact us and our certified consultants will help you with all your business continuity management requirements.

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