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Business Setup Consultants in Dubai

As the region’s largest and fastest growing city, the Emirate of Dubai has a lot to offer to investors and entrepreneurs around the world in terms of international clients, global recognition and high profits. In addition to these, the city also offers an exceptional business environment,state-of-the-art infrastructure, fruitful taxation policies and governmental liberties making it one of the most fruitful and lucrative business destinations in the world.

But such perks come in handy only with a detailed business set up procedure. Setup Business in Dubai is one of the most important yet stressful events in life. From ideation to execution, paperwork to actual setup, there are several important tasks that have to be accomplished. With a multitude of such requirements, the lack of company incorporation knowledge often makes us take a back seat. To avoid such setbacks, it is best to seek the assistance of a specialist. Professional business setup consultants in Dubai such as Jumeira Consultants can easily walk you through the entire incorporation process, help you obtain essential trade documents for conducting business in Dubai and even offer additional services such as trademark registration, finance and accounting services, payroll management, PRO services, etc. for smooth organizational functioning.

How to Start a Business in Dubai?

Things to know before opening a business in Dubai :

  • You must undertake an extensive research into the business sector you’re interested in, including a study of the competition, the market conditions and your forecast results and have enough knowledge of the region. Prepare yourself to find the necessary investment, be it from your own resources or through other means, except for applying locally, especially if you are very new to the region and without a track record.

  • In most regions, the law requires you to have a local partner who holds the majority partnership, and can control the business. The partner shall own 51% of the company shares, therefore being able to take decisions regarding it. In order to encourage foreign investment, the local partner requirement is currently under review in some states.

  • You must show the Ministry of Commerce, when you have a registered business, that you possess a substantial amount of money to make an investment.The sum required for investment varies between the states and is regarded as a guarantee against liabilities. Note that, if you want to own 100% of your company, the only option is to start the business in the Free Zone.

Doing Business in Dubai :

Operating a business in Dubai, today, is one of the most fruitful ways of making an entry in the foreign market. Be it a limited liability company, a joint venture, a manufacturing unit or an offshore company; new operations are encouraged by the Emirates authorities and the government.

While doing business in Emirates, you will come across courteous yet rigid bargains from the Arabs and find them expert at it. It is essential for you to be absolutely confident at what you offer and the contents of your contractual agreement. In case of any gaps, the Arabs are brilliant at pointing and exploiting them. Majority of businessmen based here, in Dubai, are trustworthy and fully committed towards work. The working relationship with them shall be pleasant with the possibility of prolific growth and long lasting partnerships.

So, if you are planning to setup a business in Dubai, you must master the art of skillful negotiations and an eye for capturing business opportunities. For the rest, we are here to take your business to new heights.

How can Jumeira Consultants help you in setting up a business in Dubai?

Jumeira Consultants is a leading offshore consultancy company that provides end-to-end company establishment and offshore consultancy services to its clients. Our team of qualified professionals has extensive experience in the field of offshore company formation procedures in the Emirates. We can help you incorporate a company and even help your company to function smoothly after incorporation. We will guide you through everything from acquiring an office space with PO Box in the UAE to get the necessary approvals and renewals from time to time after establishment of the company.If you are planning to register a company in Dubai, you can contact our professionals regarding any queries and suggestions.

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