ERP Implementation and Support

ERP Implementation and Support

No matter if you are a digital marketing firm or a finance & analytics company, implementing an ERP solution is a crucial project which must be undertaken seriously. From concerns relating to demonstrating ROI and costs to practical considerations regarding who will manage the process at your organization, ERP implementation efforts evidently require commitment by a team and support by the business leaders to ensure its success.

There’s no getting around the fact that ERP systems impact almost every aspect of a company and therefore, the success of an ERP implementation is of great importance. Jumeira Consultant’s team of ERP experts can effectively help businesses eliminate the chance of facing implementation issues by helping them manage the risk, complexity, and data integration challenges in the most sorted manner.

Our Expertise

Jumeira Consultants delivers all ERP implementation and after-sales support services to its clients via its team of full-time resources from its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. With years of experience in the field of ERP, Jumeira has designed a systematic and guided ERP implementation approach that allows our professionals to execute the process in the most organized and efficient way.

Proven Methodology: Our clients can take advantage of our proven implementation methodology in ERP implementation and support no matter if they are undergoing a major upgrade or switching to an entirely new system. Our proven services reduce the load on your resources to a great extent.

ERP Implementation Experts: Leverage Jumeira’s specific expertise in ERP implementation, expertise that is often missing within the organization. We supplement your in-house team with project management techniques, configuration of future state, thorough testing of the system with the end users, converting the data and further driving performance improvements.

An Engaged Process: Successful and seamless implementation takes place when a company is fully engaged in the process. Jumeira helps you get aligned with your resources, your executive team and the requirements of your project easily.

Our ERP Implementation Services
Pre – Implementation Expertise – During the business process improvement stage, Jumeira’s expert team outlines the key performance indicators and prepares a reporting strategy as a part of the future state.

Project Management – The primary role of our project managers is to ensure that the project adheres to Jumeira’s structured and proven approach for ERP implementation. Their responsibilities include defining the project charter, establishing a baseline project plan and associated budgets, managing project tasks and tracking the progress to meet the expectations of our clients.

Change Management – It is an essential part of process improvement, and therefore, a key part of ERP implementations. Our consultants guide your team in the development of a change management plan.

Training – As a part of the implementation process, we conduct an in-depth training for the given application user and IT resources. We help establish a training program that meets the needs of our clients.

Data Conversion – Jumeira’s consultants hold expertise in the field of data management. During the review of the present state and development of the future program, our experts draft a data strategy for conversion of the data files, both historic and present. We assist your team with planning and execution of data conversion to the new system in the utmost secure manner.

Quality Control – We have significant experience developing an effective Test/Development phase for extensively testing the new system in a pilot environment. We conduct in-depth sessions of testing processes, workflow and integration.

Evidently experienced ERP resources can implement a new ERP system in a much effective and efficient manner. Jumeira Consultant’s experience of ERP implementation coupled with its knowledge of its client’s future goals becomes a vital ingredient to the success of the project.

If you are looking to implement an ERP system in your organization or wanting to replace an older version with a new one, then we are people to contact. Our experts will educate you about the ERP system and help implement one at the most budgeted prices. Call us TODAY!

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