Other Services

Other Services

Information System Audit and Risk Management:
In today’s dynamic business environment, it is critical to have an effective IT strategy which focuses on adaptability, speed and efficiency. However, it is even more important to ensure that the IT systems are reliable and secure. With organizations becoming more reliant on integrated technologies and automated systems, performing routine IT audits is a must these days. IT audits help to assess the system controls that deal with security, access, user management, and data integrity.

Jumeira Consultants offers excellent IT Audit services while upholding the confidentiality and integrity of its clients. We evaluate the key areas of Information Systems to ensure that they are secured, available and compliant with the company policies and procedures and also to the applicable rules and regulations. Our certified consultants conduct effective IT Audits personalized as per the client’s business model with focus on the core risk areas in the information systems.

ERP Implementation and Support:
Jumeira Consultants renders excellence in providing unmatched, cost-effective ERP implementation and support services. We possess deep-rooted expertise, certified consultants, and understanding of diverse industry verticals. Our risk free ERP implementation and support services offer tailor-made business solutions to help you accomplish your business objectives and establish an all-round growth.

Legal Consultancy:
Every business has to cope with different risks, and mitigating these risks is the key to achieving success. Our specialty lies in providing solutions to legal issues applicable to the client’s business profile. We have certified legal consultants to offer the best solutions for your legal, regulatory and compliance issues while upholding confidentiality every single time.

Tax Residency (Domicile) Certificate & Value Added Tax (VAT) Certificates:
Jumeira Consultants coordinate with the Ministry of Finance, Govt. of UAE, and provides assistance to customers for availing the tax residency (domicile) and VAT certificates. We are a licensed and authorized corporate consulting firm in the UAE, acting as an intermediary between you and the ministry to help you acquire all types of permits, licenses and certificate in UAE.

Investment Opportunities:
We are a leading consulting firm having years of experience in providing a full range of investment consulting services to companies from diverse verticals independent of their size or market segment. Jumeira Consultants help clients to identify strategic investment opportunities in order to ensure business growth and augmentation. Our expert consultants evaluate your present situation and on the basis of it, help you make informed and wise choices about your future investment strategy.

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