If you want to legitimately make profits without paying any tax then one of the best ways is to establish a business in the UAE. The formation of company in UAE is reputed and is globally considered to be an international trading solution. For the companies from various international countries, it is an excellent option that benefits them in the long run. The companies from international companies can plan it for their investment or a holding company.

Jumeira Consultants liaison with the clients from the international countries ad provides global services for them to setup their business in the UAE.  We are experts in handling the entire process for you right from the documentation formalities, carrying out negotiations with the local stakeholders, assistance towards the business flotation, strategic recommendations and everything that will add to the successful business venture of the companies from international countries.

The advantages of UAE

  • It is a global market because the imports in the UAE have doubled since the year 1989. The liberalization and regional economic growth is all set to boost the demand.
  • UAE is strategically places in the heart of the richest regions of the world and so it is a prosperous market for the international countries to set their business.
  • There are wide ranges of import requirements and so it is a diversified market for the suppliers of most of the products.
  • More than 86 airlines and 170 shipping lines are connecting the international countries to this region and so it is an accessible market and there are no quotas, trade barriers or exchange controls.

Business environment in UAE

All the advantages of highly of a highly developed economy are offered to the incoming business houses from the international countries by the UAE. Highest international standards are marked facilitating efficient quality and global services to the businesses. Some of the benefits are:

  • An enterprise system for the global market that is free.
  • One of the best telecommunications for flourishing businesses.
  • Highly developed infrastructure for the transportation requirements.
  • Venue for the top international conferences and exhibitions.
  • Offices and residential accommodation of international standards.
  • One of the best schools, hospitals, hotels, shops, and utilities like these that make it a attractive destination for the businesses from international countries.

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