Why Dubai is the perfect destination for company formation?

Why Dubai is the perfect destination for company formation?

Dubai is a top destination for business due to its rapidly developing economy, strategic location, world-class infrastructure, favorable government policies, and ease of doing business.

UAE Rolls Out New Guidelines on Determining Tax Residency

UAE Rolls Out New Guidelines on Determining Tax Residency

The UAE Cabinet of Ministers issued Decision No. 85 of 2022 on 9th September 2022, which sets a new domestic definition and criteria for determining whether an individual or a legal company is a Tax Resident of the UAE for UAE tax law.

Top 5 Business Sectors to Watch Out for in the UAE in 2023

Top 5 Business Sectors to Watch Out for in the UAE in 2023

The UAE offers a lot of prospects for enterprises in a range of areas because to its robust economy, expanding population, and advantageous location.

The Top seven factors luring Entrepreneurs to setup business in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven states that has been steadily gaining popularity as a destination for global entrepreneurs seeking to establish their businesses.

UAE Corporate Tax Law

The FTA has released the UAE “Corporate Tax Law”

In a historic act, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) of the UAE has released its most anticipated corporate tax law. The Federal Decree-Legislation No. 47 of 2022 on Taxation of Corporations and Businesses,

Company Formation in Dubai Design District (D3)

The Dubai Design District, or (D3), is located in the heart of Dubai city. Among the most recent free zone possibilities in Dubai that are open to businesses and investors is D3.

EmaraTax UAE

The UAE Federal Tax Authority will introduce the “EmaraTax” Platform 

A new integrated platform called “EmaraTax” will be introduced shortly by the UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

UAE New Visa Policy

The UAE New Visa Policy came into force on October 3

After a major revamp of the visa process, the UAE is expected to be more attractive. The new visa regulations will be viewed by professionals and expatriates as a considerable

Factors to consider when starting a Business in Dubai

Factors to consider when starting a Business in Dubai


Investing in a business setup in the UAE is a possibility. Starting a business in Dubai is a proactive step for an investor. All expectations are exceeded by the UAE’s 100 percent foreign ownership, lower taxes, ease of conducting business, improved infrastructure, e-government system, and business opportunities. Nearly everything an investor needs to launch a business is available in Dubai. Jumeira has knowledgeable consultants who can assist you with Business Setup in Dubai and all other Emirates.

Why Choose Business Setup in Dubai, UAE?


UAE is the best country for foreign investors looking to start a business. UAE investors have a variety of options for registering their businesses. As a result of its excellent infrastructure, first-rate services, stunning buildings, and cutting-edge technology, Dubai holds a significant position in the business world. Numerous investors want to set up businesses in Dubai because of its infrastructure.

Everything is secure because of government regulations in the UAE. Laws and regulations strictly prohibit fraud and illegal activities. Registration takes place in a private setting as a result.

UAE is the best location for growing companies of all sizes, from small start-ups to significant multinational corporations. Many business owners have also received support and assistance from Jumeira Business Consultancy to register their companies and become familiar with market laws. We go above and beyond to support investors as they set up their businesses in Dubai and the UAE.

Types of companies in Dubai

UAE is well-known because of its global economic growth. There are numerous types of companies available for company formation in Dubai. Our experts offer comprehensive business consultations to help investors make informed decisions about company formation in Dubai.

A. The onshore company

It operates in the UAE market.

B. The offshore company

Although it is registered in the UAE, it operates outside the country.

C. The free zone company

It runs in one of the UAE free zones.

D. Branch offices and subsidiaries

Available to foreign companies doing business in the UAE.

E. Sole trader

It is for activities completed by one person.

The Jumeira team goes above and beyond to support investors as they set up their businesses in Dubai. Our company formation agents in the UAE can outline the basic requirements for each type of business form when you establish a company in Dubai or another region.


Benefits of Company Set up in Dubai

Ease of Doing Business

The ease of conducting business in Dubai is a major attraction for investors and businesspeople. Globally, the UAE ranks high when it comes to accessibility for businesses. Good infrastructure and a large number of business consultants make Dubai so successful.

Outstanding Infrastructure

Dubai has a first-rate infrastructure that guarantees the best of the modern world. The infrastructure of any company is crucial to determining its future. A natural disaster and local instability cannot destroy its resilience.

Limited Ownership Restrictions

Before, a local sponsor was necessary to launch a business on Dubai’s mainland. They could only own 49% of a business; the other 51% had to be owned by an Emirati. However, that is no longer the case. Foreigners own all of their companies in the UAE, except for a few industries like oil and gas.

Versatility and Flexibility

Dubai offers a variety of options for entrepreneurs. Dubai’s government recognizes that a flexible environment is required for the company to operate effectively. The variety of office spaces offered by Dubai’s business centers further increases the service’s flexibility.

Worldwide Talents

More workers and specialists than business people travel to Dubai. Any foreign employees you hire can work for you in the UAE if they have the appropriate visas and work permits. Due to Dubai’s lax labor laws, all of this is possible.

Lenient Authorities

The local government in Dubai has a broad perspective. They are elevating Dubai as a top travel destination for professionals and business owners. They’ll probably continue to give businesses incentives. Laws are being passed to make Dubai more welcoming to tourists from around the world.

Geographical location

UAE is perfect for international businesses to reach a wide customer base because of its advantageous location. It is the ideal location for some services because of its proximity to China and India.

Licenses for Companies in Dubai

A company’s licensing procedure in Dubai is completed at the same time as incorporation. Companies registered in Dubai may apply for the following license types:

  1. The trading license
  2. The industrial license
  3. The commercial license
  4. The professional license

No matter where the company is registered, these licenses typically need to be obtained. Additional activities, such as import and export, call for a unique license. It is crucial to keep in mind that each free zone business in Dubai is required to engage in specific activities. Some of them need a special license, according to their authorities.

Our business setup agents can help you with the necessary licenses when starting a business. Set up a company in Dubai with us to build the company of your dreams.


Setup a Company in Dubai & UAE with Jumeira Business Consultants

The Jumeira team works hard to help investors set up their businesses in Dubai. Our team has evolved and adapted to the newest technology over the past ten years to offer timely solutions to its sizable clientele. You can get help from our knowledgeable consultants with business setups in Dubai and other Emirates. Set up a new business in Dubai and secure your future with expert guidance from us.


Business Setup in DTEC Dubai

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