Free License and Visa Upon Buying a House in Dubai

Emaar, a property developer, has decided to partner with Dubai Multi Commodities Centre to launch around 200 units in an under-construction building in Dubai Hills Estate. The best part about the partnership is the offer that comes along with buying a house here. This is the first time Dubai or any other city has announced an offer like this and it is undoubtedly captivating.


Offshore Company Formation in UAE

UAE is one among the top 10 countries in the world that holds the highest offshore wealth. Going offshore is one of the best methods to start or expand your business, as it comes with numerous perks. The tax and custom-free benefits coupled with complete anonymity has helped elevate offshore zones’ status as the most preferred type of company formation


What makes a consultant an inevitable part of your business

Getting away from the clutches of managers and beginning your own firm is something most people dream of. But it’s not an easy process, it’s indeed a challenging one that involves careful planning and execution. When it comes to a country like UAE, that opens door to myriad of opportunities, the risk level increases.

Growing Retail Sector in Dubai

If you are a person who needs a good dose of retail therapy once in a while, then Dubai is the place for you. The world’s biggest mall, annual shopping festivals and traditional souks do justice to Dubai’s tag as the ‘shopper’s paradise’. With the Dubai Shopping festival just weeks away, a major

Insurance Policy to Replace Bank Guarantee in UAE

Private companies in UAE can breathe a sigh of relief, as they need not spend millions on recruitment anymore. Recruiting workers is pretty expensive in UAE as it requires you to deposit an amount of Dh3000 as bank guarantee. A low-cost insurance scheme will replace the current system.

How Expo 2020 is going to mesmerize the world

Dubai, a city of dreams, has always been in news for its innovative strategies, booming business market and world-class attractions. A recent addition to the list is EXPO 2020, a festival of human ingenuity, that is going to be held in Dubai from October 20 to April 10, 2020.

Everything you Need to Know About UAE Visa Rule Changes

Of late, UAE has been witnessing a massive change in its visa regulations, which appears to be quite promising for expats residing in the country. The changes in rules apply to widows, divorcees, expats illegally staying in the country, citizens from countries that are experiencing conflict or natural

A ‘Positive’ Change in Visa and Foreign Ownership Rules in UAE

Does the long, complicated process of residency visa renewal in UAE irritate you? It won’t be a matter of concern in the future, provided you are a specialist in medical, scientific, research and technical fields and an “exceptional” student in UAE.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Franchise Opportunities

Investing in a franchise is a smart decision for aspiring entrepreneurs. The reason being that instead of establishing a business right from scratch, you get the opportunity to have the brand recognition and marketing channel of a renowned business along with a framework to operate the franchise successfully. In addition to this, help is offered by the franchisor with respect to marketing and promotions.But, the chances of losing your hard-earned money is equally high if you do not understand what you are about to get into, and the complications that might be involved in it. Hence, to simplify this process, here are a few things that you should consider when looking for franchise opportunities in Dubai/UAE or elsewhere.

A Beginners’ Introduction to Company Incorporation in Dubai

Dubai offers a great prospect for startups from all fields. The process involved in company incorporation in Dubai differs according to the type of company and the amount of investment. In most conditions, the Dubai Company Act allows incorporation only when a foreign investor has a local partner owning the majority of the company shares. However, the Dubai free zones are the only places where investors may setup fully owned companies.