DMCC Freezone in UAE

DMCC: Flagship free zone in the UAE

Consider yourself entering the market as a small start-up with a huge concept for the next game-changer. Then, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) should be your pick as it is one of the UAE’s most rapidly expanding flagship free zones. For enterprises and companies wishing to prosper, develop, and connect with the rest of the globe, DMCC offers a plethora of advantages.

  • Excellent Location

From SME, subsidiary, branch, and joint-venture can all benefit from the DMCC’s rapid and straightforward establishment. Every company is given access to the DMCC platform, which acts as a firsthand reference to every phase of their professional journey. DMCC offers the most diverse variety of non-financial regulated commercial activities of any UAE Free Zone.

  • Prospects for Progress

The DMCC Free Zone provides a variety of possibilities that are not only smart investments but also wonderful networking opportunities. With over 18,000 organisations from 20 different industries connected on one platform, the possibilities seem limitless.

  • Assisting its members in becoming compliant

DMCC delivers the most updated and comprehensive regulatory information available. All of their members receive free training that prepares them for these new developments by outlining what it takes to follow DMCC’s standards. This enables businesses who seek a trouble free existence in the UAE when it comes to taxes and other issues.

  • Conflicts in the Workplace & Mediation

Employees who are having problems with their employers can get free advice from the DMCC Dispute Centre.

  • Access to a health and wellness centre

DMCC emphasises a healthy lifestyle, which is why most of the office buildings contain a gym and a swimming pool that DMCC workers may use.

Types of licenses in DMCC

  • Trading License

It permits all kinds of products to be imported, exported, distributed, consolidated, and stored.

  • Industrial License

It allows the light production operations described in the license to be carried out.

  • Service License

It allows you to carry out the service or consulting activities that the license specifies. Further customizable licensing structures, such as the Single-Family Office option, aid in the management of a family’s resources.

Required documents during Registration

There are a number of papers and information that must be submitted to the DMCC authorities at the start of the company’s registration process. The documents needed will depend on whether the DMCC company’s shareholders are individuals or corporations. For some tasks, a summary of the Business Plan will be required.

  1. Shareholders as individuals
  • Copy of Passport
  • If appropriate, a copy of your UAE residency visa
  • Proof of residency is required. A utility bill should not be older than six (6) months if one is given
  • If you have a valid UAE resident visa, you will need a No Objection Certificate from your sponsor
  • Shareholders in Companies
  • The parent company’s registration certificate
  • Parent Company’s Trade License (if the parent company has a trade license)
  • The parent company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association (MOA)
  • Certificate of Incumbency issued by the Company Registrar

Visa for Residence

Employees must be permitted to work in the DMCC Free Zone by possessing an employment residency visa, an identification card, or an access approval from a DMCC licensed enterprise. The employment residency visa from the DMCC is valid for three years.

Account in the bank

A DMCC corporation is needed to show documentation of share capital transfer. As a result, while forming a corporation in DMCC, creating a corporate account should be considered.


The DMCC serves as a crossroads for international trade and business. DMCC is home to a multitude of enterprises across the world, making it a perfect place for smaller companies to evolve into multinational giants. If you truly want to plant the seeds of a business, there are numerous options available within this completely integrated city, ranging from small houses to luxury hotels and spas.

DMCC provides a smooth and uncomplicated path to establishing a 100% owned firm in Dubai. Based on their comprehensive knowledge of the emirate and years of business experience, Jumeira Consultants guarantees that you will receive accurate and timely services, and that they will be the leading business setup service provider for anything connected to company formation in Dubai.

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