Issuance of Tax Certificates in UAE transferred from MoF to FTA

There has been a major change with regard to the issuance of tax residency certificates and certificates of the status of the business in the UAE.  Until recently the application for these certificates was submitted to MoF, but now MoF has stopped receiving new applications. The applications for the certificates should be made via FTA’s e-services portal now.

Tax certificates include Tax Domicile Certificates – which helps in taking advantage of agreements of double taxation avoidance on income signed by the UAE;  and Certificate of Status of Business / Business Person – which is issued to eligible government entities, companies and individuals to refund VAT paid in advance outside the UAE or that pertains to purchases in various countries, regardless of having an agreement of double taxation avoidance on income.

A person applying for the Tax residency certificate in UAE(TRC) should have stayed in the UAE for at least 180 days; non-residents cannot apply. If a company needs to apply for Tax residency certificate (TRC), then they should have functioned in the UAE for a minimum of one year. One need to have copies of passport, residence, tenancy contract, bank statement of at least 6 months, salary certificate, and immigration report of residency, to avail the certificate.

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