UAE Rolls Out New Guidelines on Determining Tax Residency

UAE Rolls Out New Guidelines on Determining Tax Residency

The UAE Cabinet of Ministers issued Decision No. 85 of 2022 on 9th September 2022, which sets a new domestic definition and criteria for determining whether an individual or a legal company is a Tax Resident of the UAE for UAE tax law.

Know About Tax Residency Certificate in UAE

Things to Know Tax Residency Certificate in UAE

Many of us do not find the idea of paying taxes a pleasant one; yet we are obliged to do so. We have certain responsibility..

Tax Certificate in Dubai

UAE & KSA Double taxation Avoidance Agreement Comes into Effect

Nearly a year after signing the double taxation avoidance agreement between UAE and KSA, it has come into effect now. The agreement marks the first of its kind between two GCC countries and it is expected to be beneficial to individuals and corporates of both the nations.


A guide on Double Taxation Avoidance (DTAA) and Tax Domicile certificate in UAE

Businesses of today are not restricted to a single location, they are spread across the world and carry out activities on a global platform. There has been a boom in cross-culture business activities off late, which results in diverse benefits and enhances the trade relations between nations.