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The UAE Federal Tax Authority will introduce the “EmaraTax” Platform 

A new integrated platform called “EmaraTax” will be introduced shortly by the UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA). This portal will improve how taxpayers utilize the services provided by the tax authority, pay their taxes, and get refunds.

The new platform will improve the FTA’s capacity to handle taxes in the UAE and enable faster contact with taxpayers who require assistance. The variety of new innovations in EmaraTax will be advantageous to individual taxpayers, tax consultants, legal advisors, customs organisations, and certification institutions. In order to streamline and maximise the use of shared data, the platform interfaces with other governmental bodies like the UAE Central Bank and national technology-based programmes.

Taxpayers can efficiently guarantee tax adherence and optimise their refunds with the unique emara tax platform. A new phase of accountability for taxpayers is anticipated to begin with the implementation of the emara tax. The heightened security standards that come with all the additional features guarantee that taxpayer information is kept completely confidential throughout the procedure.

In the following days, we anticipate that the FTA will soon provide further details about EmaraTax’s features and how to switch over to the new system.

Role of Federal Tax Authority (FTA)

The FTA, which was established in 2016 to assist the UAE in diversifying its economy and raising non-oil revenue through the administration and collection of federal taxes, has continuously upgraded its operations to simplify the taxing process.

The new FTA system is in line with the UAE Digital Government Strategy 2025, which aims to make use of emerging innovations and create a strong digital infrastructure for the UAE’s citizens and business industry.

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