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How to Get Trade License in Dubai

Entrepreneurs rush to Dubai because it has a tax-free environment. All enterprises must get the right trade license to start a business unit in Dubai. Trade licenses depend upon the work you do in Dubai. There are different trade licenses available for different businesses.

Types of Trade Licenses in UAE

Dubai’s work industry requires four main licenses. Companies in Dubai can apply for any of the following licenses:

  • Professional License – Required for professionals dealing with specific jobs.
  • Commercial or Trade License – Required for all types of trading work.
  • Industrial License – Required for manufacturing or industrial work.
  • General Trade License – Required for exports, trades and imports.


Trade Licences For Specific Industries

Steps to get trade license in UAE

Acquiring a trade license in Dubai can be simple. Do check to complete the following legal requirements for the respective government authorities.

  • Request the DED Department for original approval
  • Name the category for the profession, business, commercial and industry
  • Regulate all the connected business work for each business license (Almost 10 actions exist for each license)
  • Prepare the business legal status in the UAE
  • Get useful approvals from other suitable government authorities
  • Create a name for the company
  • Lease business premises and get the correct consent from the authority
  • Collect all the required documents such as the memorandum of association

General Trading License

General trade license is needed by businesses in trading, exporting and importing products. Goods like electronics, furniture and food should get this license. This license permits companies to trade locally inside the UAE. Moreover, it also allows you to trade with markets across the globe.General trading licenses in UAE allow businesses to trade in mixed goods. This means that a business can export, trade and import any number of goods like toys, building materials or cosmetics.

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is a government body that offers these licenses. It serves to individuals and corporate entities who start businesses in Dubai mainland. Every business requires a special consent from the respective ministries. Alongside, it must gain approval from other authoritative establishments. DED supports the growth of new business, renewals and greater profits.

Benefits of General Trading License in Dubai

  • Single license permits trade of more than one product
  • Permits 100% repatriation of profits and capital
  • Utilize any office location in Dubai
  • Helps to get easy employee visa
  • Problem-free legal process
  • Use any currencies
  • Simple to setup
  • 100% direct tax-free

Trade License Renewal in Dubai

All enterprises in Dubai, need to renew their Trade Licenses each year. Licenses are legal approvals that enables businesses to function according to the business procedures in the UAE. The license must also agree with the rules of the government. This step can accelerate your businesses towards faster growth and greater revenues.

Steps for Trade License Renewal

  • The tenancy contract should be valid during the renewal of Trade license.
  • When you need to renew your tenancy contract, do get the approval from Ejari, the Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

A valid Trade License in Dubai, helps entrepreneurs complete their business needs. If you have any doubts regarding Dubai’s trade licenses, do contact us immediately. Our procedures are clear, concise and simple to understand.

trade license in dubai