UAE offers Citizenship for Expats

United Arab Emirates has never failed to surprise the world. As we move along fighting the global pandemic, the country has made an announcement of offering citizenship to expats who have excelled in their own field of expertise. The recent amendment in the citizenship law offers this unique chance of acquiring a dual citizenship to investors, professionals, special talents and their families.

The expats will have to meet certain conditions to avail the citizenship. Categories included in the amendment are:

  • Investors: In order to obtain the citizenship offered by the UAE, one must own a property in the country.
  • Doctors and specialists: The applicants must be focused on the scientific discipline that is in demand in the country and must possess a minimum practical experience of 10 years. Membership in a reputable organization and an acknowledged scientific contribution is also necessary.
  • Inventors: A recommendation letter from the Economy Ministry and one or more patents approved by the UAE Ministry of Economy is required.
  • Scientists: One must be active an active researcher and should have a practical experience of 10 years in the same field. Notable scientific contribution such as winning an award or obtaining funding for their research along with a recommendation letter from a recognized scientific institution in UAE is also mandatory.
  • Intellectuals and artists: Expats who are “pioneers of culture and art” with one or more international recognitions can apply.

The applicants who are qualified to receive the citizenship will be nominated through the Emirates’ ruler’s court, the courts of the crown prince, the executive council in an Emirate or the cabinet.

The amendment was made to appreciate the expats for their contribution in their respective fields and also as part of the development of the country. This act of respect will attract more intellectuals to UAE.

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