UAE Weekend change: How will the UAE’s weekend shift impact businesses?

The United Arab Emirates is shifting its paradigm by switching to a 4.5-day work week with weekends to consist of Friday afternoon, Saturday, and Sunday with effect from January 1, 2022. This is done as part of a campaign to attract overseas investment and commerce, thereby spurring economic growth and enhancing employee engagement.

With the existing weekend system in place, UAE-based enterprises with an international reach face operational challenges and transaction difficulties that disrupt the smooth flow of operations. Many businesses expect improved income and increased employee productivity as a result of these weekend changes. Officials hope that the new weekend policy will boost communication with other enterprises and government agencies, which will contribute to the betterment of the nation.

The simplicity of establishing and doing business in the UAE makes it an appealing destination to set up a business. This initiative from the government adds to the benefits of having an office in the UAE, since there will be no productivity deficit because of several working days, and the nation will be capable of improving its place in the global arena. There are also lifestyle advantages to look forward to for the total workforce, which will enhance overall productivity.

Trading volumes on local stock exchanges are projected to increase as operating hours become more synchronized with international stock markets. From Monday to Friday, major stock markets around the world, from Europe to Asia and the Americas, operate.

To sustain business operations, the private sector in the UAE is anticipated to follow the new work week timetable. The Saturday-Sunday weekend will promote business and commerce interactions with nations that follow a Saturday-Sunday weekend, allowing private sector businesses to compete at the top level of economies and bolstering the country’s status as a fast-growing regional commercial centre.

The United Arab Emirates has long been a corporate and recreational hub, reliant on a foreign labour force that surpasses its inhabitants. The new policy will make international trade, financial, and economic activities easier for the nation making it a suitable platform for establishing businesses.

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